Mandy K9 Academy for Dog Trainers Application

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I understand I am responsible for and will have a friendly dog(s) who is primarily nonreactive and untrained, if not entirely. All Training Dogs must be current on Rabies, DAPP, and Bordetella vaccinations. It is recommended, but not required, that all Training Dogs are spayed or neutered. Training Dogs should be over 9 months old and under 6 years old. If my Training Dog is not owned by me, I will provide proof of the owner's permission to use the dog as a Training Dog. I understand that students with dogs who do not possess the right qualities will struggle to graduate. To ensure successful participation, all training dogs will be evaluated before the start of class and must be approved by Mandy K9 Academy for Dog Trainers. (required)

CLASS SIZE REQUIREMENT: Mandy K9 Academy for Dog Trainers recognizes that smaller class sizes enhance effective teaching practices and supports building stronger relationships among staff and students. Mandy K9 Academy for Dog Trainers further recognizes that maintaining specific class sizes may result in an inefficient use of resources. Consequently, the Policy of Mandy K9 Academy for Dog Trainers is to maintain class sizes within a reasonable range to ensure efficient use of resources. The current class size requirement is 3 students per semester and, at most, 4 students per semester. If the minimum class size is not enrolled one week before the start of the semester, the semester will be canceled. In the event of a semester cancellation due to the minimum class size requirement, any tuition that has been paid for the canceled semester will be refunded to the source it was obtained. (required)

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